More features added...

Over the weekend I have added a few more things to Molly that are not in this current version of the game that is out right now. For example, Molly now spawns in different spawn points on the map, a perimeter has been added to the map, which makes more logical sense when playing the game that it would have this boarder around the world. 

Sounds! I have begun adding sound, there is shot gun fire and an ambient world sound too. 

Menu! There is now a menu screen - alot of work needs to go into the menu screen but I am working on that at the moment. 

I am working on other little and big things too for the game but I believe that one should only really speak of a features when the feature is now in the game, rather than speaking of features you plan on putting into the game. So I am working on more items currently, and when they are done, I will reveal what they are. 

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