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In this first person game you control Molly. A young girl, Molly finds herself alone in the military base that she grew up on. But where is everyone? One thing Molly believes however is that she has to live for 100 days. 

In this game there is a day and night cycle where a zombie ghost is spawned every night. Be careful with your ghost busting ammo as every night the number of zombie ghosts increase. 

Can you make it 100 days?

Install instructions

  1. Download the Molly.zip file.
  2. Extract the content onto your Desktop or preferred location (the game will use around 250MB)
  3. Double click the MollyTest1.exe to run the game.
  4. Used W,A,S,D to control Molly and mouse left trigger to shoot! That simple.

Note #1 : This is a demo of the game. I am providing it for feedback. Please contact me on donalod@gmail.com for any feedback you have or leave a comment. Be as nice or as harsh as you wish. All feedback is welcome.

Note #2 : When a zombie ghost hits you your health begins to drop straight away. If your health drops to 0 (zero) then Molly dies but the game unceremoniously finishes. Very abrupt, and the game is over. You need to run the game again to play again. I am as we speak putting together the extra scenes to handle menus, death screens etc.


Molly.zip 142 MB

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