Wow, I have learnt a great deal...

It is funny. I wish I had the knowledge that I have now when I was beginning to create Molly. I have learnt SOOO much. Even just in the last week I have learnt in Unity3D using C# the purpose and use of public static funtions. Damn, if I knew about public static functions when I had begun making Molly I would have saved alot of time by NOT repeating chunks of code every now and again. 

What else? Oh yeah - just learnt about the order at which I can set scripts loading! That would of course been really handy from a setting up the scene point of view. Just so many things. 

Saddly, I have learnt that I am an extremely messy programmer. I code is all over the place, but I am not going to take this one too much on the chin, I was really inexperienced. My code really was and still is all over the place. In fact, in the last few times I have sat down doing things on Molly was me basically looking at the code, seeing what I can tidy up and do better basically. 

But as I said, I am not going to be too rough on myself, I am happy with how the game is going, and I have looked at enough videos on youtube to have learnt the following: finish the game. Just finish the game. Finish Molly. Am I going to make the best game ever in my first proper attempt at making a game? No. Am I going to spend weeks, months, adding features to the game because other people want them there? No, I will add certain features if I think that they are essential to the game on a fundamental level. However, I know what is important, finishing the game. Get it done... get it out there, and with what I have learnt making Molly make another game, where the code is tidier, the game play is better and everything looks more fantastic. 

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